Using Social Bookmarking Software Puts Your Social Bookmarking in the Fast Lane

Social Bookmarking is an essential part of any online marketing and is a crucial element in adding quality back-links to your website.

You’ve probably tried bookmarking your websites to the top sites manually. Sounds easy enough in theory, but in reality, the volume of bookmarking you need to do to make bookmarking  an efficient method leaves little time for much else. To cap it all it’s, well, boring. Mind numbingly boring.

That’s where Bookmarking Software comes into play. As online marketers, it’s crucial to make the best possible use of our energy and resources. Social Bookmarking Software permits effective, efficient and speedy bookmarking on social bookmarking sites.

Savvy online marketers consistently see good returns from social bookmarking. It’s a great way to create a limitless number of quality back-links to websites and get better rankings in the search engines for desired keywords.

The problem is that the whole process of submitting websites to social bookmarking sites is a complete pain. It’s not something you can do once and forget about. It needs to be repeated on a constant basis to get the best results.

Factor in the volume of sites you need to use to make this an effective strategy, and it soon begins to look like a whole load of effort. Work I just didn’t have the time to do effectively.

At one stage I tried outsourcing my bookmark submissions using an online service. Initially this worked reasonably well, then errors started turning up. Wrong tags, wrong descriptions. Plus, at almost $25 for each site, it was starting to get costly.

There had to be a better solution. Something that would allow me to submit my sites automatically, without any costly recurring fees and let me have complete control over what was being submitted, where and how.

I knew what I wanted and I had my check-list ready.

Allow the use of multiple accounts

  • For Bookmarking to work, you need a lot of accounts at social bookmarking sites. The best package would allow the use of multiple accounts.

Create Accounts Easily

  • Having a number of accounts at the sites you plan to use is great. Setting up these accounts is the difficult bit. I needed something to help with all the account setup.

Bookmark on all the main Bookmarking Services

  • There are literally hundreds of social networking sites out there. A lot of these come and go virtually overnight. The major sites though, like Digg, Technorati, Stumbleupon and Propeller are established, high traffic and great back-link sources. The Social Bookmarking Software I was looking for had to include all the main sites.

Site Spider

  • My sites usually run to 100′s of pages, so collecting all the page urls is a long process. I needed a Social Bookmarking Software that would have a spider, to automatically collect all the urls from my sites and format these for submission.

Use Random Titles and Descriptions

  • Leaving a minimal footprint is crucial for effective bookmarking. I needed a Software that could rotate a random number of descriptions and titles.

It’s never too late to incorporate a consistent social bookmaking plan into your on-line business and social bookmarking software is the most effective method to automate your website submissions.

Are you still bookmarking manually or are you ready to put your social bookmaking into the fast track with efficient social bookmarking software?

Social Bookmarking – Link Building and Search Engine Optimization

Social Bookmarking could be the next big thing in web site marketing since the development of the personal blogs.

Social Bookmarking web sites like, Digg, Stumble Upon and Furl allow their users to create a set of web site content bookmarks. Submitted book marks are organized by content tags, which are arbitrary phrases or words a user can assign to the content they wish to bookmark. This gives the user a way to classify, rank and organize web site content using tags.

The most popular Social Bookmarking web site is Digg. Digg is a relatively new social bookmarking web site and has in it’s short time attracted millions of members who daily add bookmarks to all sorts of web site content. Over search engines and other bots, social bookmarking web sites have an intrinsic advantage. Users will choose what content they will bookmark, unlike relying on a program to categorize and qualify content. There is an implied quality in something that someone has taken the time to select.

Users of a social bookmarking web site will read other posters bookmarks and then add them to their own bookmarks if they liked them.. You can even view RSS
feeds to see what others are tagging, which is a very cool feature and is a textbook example of a very powerful viral marketing technique.

My own experience and testing shows that 3.2% of all my web site traffic come from social bookmarking web sites, off those 50% come from, 20% from and the remaining 30% come from various bookmarking sites I am a member of. These sites include Furl and Stumble Upon.

As a search engine optimizer, social bookmarking is another tool I use to promote my web sites. An example would be, introducing a new developed web site. I could wait until Google, Yahoo and MSN found my web site naturally, but that would takes weeks if not months. I could join a link exchange network and exchange links with other web site and have the search engines find me that way. But, then again I would be relying on the indexabilty of the linking web site for the search engine to find me. Or I could add a couple of bookmarks on 3 of the most popular social bookmarking web sites. These large bookmarking web sites are indexed many times a day and the search bots are only looking for new content. Have a bookmark on a social bookmarking web site and could expect to be crawled by the big 3 within hours or at the most, within days.

To successful bookmarker, you need to supply good quality original content. Content that is going to be searched for and will solve a problem the searcher has. There is no point bookmarking content that no one wants. Spamming has become a major problem, but social bookmarking is controlled by it’s users. If the content you plan to bookmark is plain spam, the users of the bookmarking web site will just ignore it and move on. Your content will wither away and eventually be dropped out of the social bookmarking web site index.

If you social bookmark properly and supply good quality content, you can expect to gain dozens of quality back links as other bookmarkers, bookmark your content. This technique is a popular tool for successful search engine optimization and the best feature of social bookmarking is that it is free to use. I have not come across any social bookmarking web site that charges the user to use their facility.

Social bookmarking web sites are growing in popularity everyday. Find the ones that best fit the theme of your web site and bookmark with them. But remember, you will only succeed with bookmarking if you have content that is worth bookmarking.